We provide technical and advisory services that address the entire lifecycle of product/solution-development.

Our services include:

   +  Consultation on Shari'ah compliance during product development

   +  Design and development of Shari'ah compliance software (including filtering and reporting modules)

   +  Recruitment and formation of Shari'ah compliance review panels (i.e. Shari`a Boards)

   +  Pre-launch external review and certification

   +  Post-launch compliance auditing and remediation

   +  Development and delivery of Shari'ah compliance-related training materials and course modules

   +  Shari'ah-compliant commercial and financial alternative dispute resolution (ADR)


Our deals and engagements include:

   +  Advising a $25 billion Asian sovereign fund on a private equity investment in a N American startup.

   +  Advising a financial advisory on the design of an innovative class of asset certificates (sukuk).

   +  Advising a $600 million Gulf investment fund on re-structuring of its US and European commercial RE holdings.

   +  Advising a UK-based $800 million asset management group on the design of a pan-African SME fund.

   +  Designing and delivering training on Shari`ah-compliant asset certficates (sukuk) to a US muni trading firm.

   +  Advising on the ground-up creation of a US retail electronic security trading system.

   +  Advising on the launch and operation of unique UAE-based charity aggregator and web service platform.

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